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Pre-qualify for up to $250,000 in small business loans or working capital quicker than driving to the bank.

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With Credibly you get more than just the right-sized funding - though you’ll get that too.

The Credibly Experience

When you partner with us our Customer Success team will be with you every step – from the time you submit your first small business loan or capital form to the time you open a new location.


Right-Sized Capital

Our affordable and flexible small business loans and capital are catered to you and your business’s specific needs so you get capital that’s just the right-size. It’s the glass slipper of funding options.


Grow, Don’t Just Owe

If you could boil us down to one “big idea,” it’s that we want to help small businesses grow by giving them access to working capital. To us, it’s not just a simple transaction – it’s a partnership.


Simple & Fast Access to Your Working Capital

01. No Start-Ups

  • Min 6 months in business
  • More than $15K monthly revenues

02. Use of Capital

  • Inventory, Equipment, etc
  • Working Capital

03. Type of Capital

  • Unsecured Capital
  • Business Loans

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Big Data & Big Brains

To find you the right-sized small business loan, we don’t just plug your numbers in to a computer and let it make all the decisions. We also don’t just hand it off to a group of anonymous figures in a top-secret room. Not at Credibly. (In fact, we prefer you know even more about us – like the fact that we wear sneakers to work.) We combine our data-crunching software and our brains to come up with an affordable funding option that best fits your needs. The right people working with the right data getting you the right capital.

Serving All Types of Businesses

“Credibly was able to change our business by getting us the funds that we needed.”


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"The loan was helpful in a pinch and I plan on utilizing their services in the future.”


"Great to work with ... we highly recommend Credibly."


At Credibly we’ve been supplying entrepreneurs with access to small business working capital since 2010. Our simple and nimble small business funding plans are created with our partners and customers in mind.

At Credibly we’ve been supplying small-and-medium businesses with access to working capital since 2010. With us, you can apply for a small business loan or cash advance online in less time than it takes for you to drive to the bank. Our simple and nimble small business funding plans are created with our partners and customers in mind. At Credibly, we take the guesswork out of lending so your small business can get the funding it needs.