Get Pre-qualified For Business Financing

Over 90% of applicants pre-qualify for funding! Check out our pre-qualification criteria below and complete the form.

Business Expansion Loan: 18 or 24-month duration Business expansion loans - Credibly

  • Min 6+ months in business & 600+ FICO Score
  • $15K+ monthly revenue for the past 90 days
  • $1K+ daily balance for the past 90 days

Working Capital Loan:  6-17 month duration Working Capital Loan

  • Min 6+ months in business & 500+ FICO score
  • $15K+ monthly revenue for the past 90 days

Merchant Cash Advance:  3-14 month duration Merchant Cash Advance

  • Min 6+ months in business & 500+ FICO Score
  • $15K+ monthly revenue for the past 90 days

Plus, Other Financing Options: 

  • Line of Credit, Market Expansion Product, etc.
  • Min 6+ months in business & 500+ FICO score

Start Pre-qualification

Complete the form to pre-qualify for up to $250K in financing. Receive funds in your account within 24 hours from approval. 844.501.8662

How To Pre-Qualify

Pre-qualifying for a loan is the first step to getting small business funding from Credibly – and it only takes seconds of your time. Fill out our small business loan application and a member of our team will contact you right away to discuss your financing options!

Do I Qualify For A Small Business Loan?

At Credibly, we take pride in the number of small businesses we’ve provided financing to, across a wide range of different industries. To get access to our loans and working capital, you just have to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to have been in business for six months or more.
  • For the most recent three months, your bank statements must show deposits of at least $10,000/month.

Over 90% of our applicants pre-qualify for funding. If you’re thinking you might not qualify, or if you have questions about the other loan products we offer, contact our Customer Success Team today and we’ll talk you through the financing options you qualify for!