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“I turned to Credibly because it seemed as though it was going to be easy, and it turned out to be quite simple. Applying for bank loans can be very time-consuming and intensive, and I thought this would be a great new way to get capital. We had just received a new commission for a pretty large hotel project, and I was able to feel comfortable hiring staff and buying equipment that we needed. I found it super effective for us, and would recommend Credibly to other architects or other small business owners in a heartbeat.”

Mark VanderZanden

Surround Architecture, Inc.

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Designed with a focus on simplicity so you can focus on growing your business.

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Grow Your Business

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Is a Working Capital Loan the Right Choice For Your Business?

We want to help you answer this question before starting your loan application process. We’ve put together a shortlist of pros and cons to get you started.

  • These short-term loans will get you back on your feet quickly, and you can pay them off faster than long-term loans.
  • Faster funding. You don’t have months to wait—we can tell you whether or not you’re approved within 24 hours.
  • Requires little collateral. Reduce risk for your business’s future.
  • Higher costs. Short-term loans almost always come with higher rates no matter your credit score or credit history.
  • No partial repayment plans. The loan must be repaid in full.
  • Sometimes business collateral must be provided to secure the loan.

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Current assets are the tangible and intangible items that your company owns and can be easily turned into cash within one business cycle. Along with your checking and savings account, this includes things like accounts receivable, highly liquid marketable securities, inventory, and other shorter-term prepaid expenses.

Current liabilities include all of the debts and expenses firms expect to pay within one business cycle. This typically includes all of the normal costs associated with running a business: utilities, rent, matierials and supplies, interest and principal payments on debt, accounts payable, and accrued liabilities and income taxes.

Credibly’s Other Business Financing Options

Merchant Cash Advance

A great financing solution for those with lower credit scores in immediate need of short-term funding.
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Long-term Loan for Business Expansion

Plan for the future with confidence with this long-term loan.
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Business Lines of Credit

The most flexible access to working capital whenever you need it.
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All Financing Options

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Working Capital Loans

How Business Owners Can Get the Most Out of Working Capital Loans

Hiring and Payroll

Do you need to hire staff or meet payroll? A working capital loan gives you the cash flow you need to pay employees, maintain operations, and scale your business.

A Fresh Marketing Campaign

Working capital gives you what you need to reach new audiences with your products and services.

Cash Flow Management

Do you need to stabilize your cash flow? These business capital loans are perfect for ensuring you always have the liquidity to maintain operations.

FAQs About Working Capital Loans

What is working capital financing?

A good definition of a working capital loan is that it is money that businesses use to support daily operations. It’s the difference between current operating assets and liabilities.

Maintaining healthy working capital allows you to take advantage of every opportunity and provides a safety net when needed.

What is a working capital loan used for?

Working capital loans help small business owners like you meet operational expenses, such as payroll, stocking inventory, and marketing.

These short-term loans can help stabilize cash flow and meet immediate business needs.

They are ideal for business owners who need flexible, short-term funding without the hassle of going to a traditional bank.

How is working capital calculated?

The formula for calculating working capital is Working Capital Formula = Current Assets – Current Liabilities.

Working capital is the difference between a firm’s current assets and current liabilities.

Current assets are the tangible and intangible items that your company owns.

Current liabilities include all of the debts and expenses firms expect to pay within one business cycle.

Why is working capital important?

Because working capital is the money you have available to meet your short-term needs, it is critical for sustaining operations.

It is also a measure of a business’s ability to pay off short-term business expenses or debts.

That’s why you need to work with a financial institution that will provide the financing you need, not mire you in red tape that takes weeks or months to navigate.

Working Capital Financing

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* $15K+ avg. deposits for a three-month average and the most recent month.

** Bank statements must be from the business banking account for the business receiving funds.

*** Rates are included in your daily payback quote to simplify repayments and account monitoring. Rates, pricing, requirements and other terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

**** Weekly payments for working capital loans have different minimum qualifying criteria than the daily payment option.