Credibly reviews

Our customers are a diverse group who all have one thing in common: They’ve put their trust in Credibly to grow their businesses. Here’s what people are saying about Credibly, from reviews of our platform to testimonials about our customer service.

Business financing made easy

“I already had an existing dry cleaning business in another city, and an opportunity came to expand. We tried to go through traditional banks and private lenders, but unfortunately, the experience was very difficult and the terms were even harder. I called Credibly, and within two days I was able to get the funds that I needed. We were able to improve our business and the process was very, very easy.”

–Eli Kik, Somerset Cleaners

Focused on small business needs

“With the other lenders I’ve dealt with, I could never get a straight answer on what it was going to take to borrow money, and exactly what it would take for me to pay it back. With Credibly, it was awesome. Every question was answered, there was no red tape, it was straight to the facts… they understand small business.”

–Rochelle Hunter Mosley, Salon 804

Simple, intuitive, capital solutions

“I turned to Credibly because it seemed as though it was going to be easy, and it turned out to be quite simple. Applying for bank loans can be very time-consuming and intensive, and I thought this would be a great new way to get capital. We had just received a new commission for a pretty large hotel project, and I was able to feel comfortable hiring staff and buying equipment that we needed. I found it super effective for us, and would recommend Credibly to other architects or other small business owners in a heartbeat.”

–Mark VanderZanden, Surround Architecture, Inc.

Industries we serve

We serve businesses in over 325 industries across the U.S. and have tens of thousands of success stories. When you work with Credibly, you’re working with people dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Our financing options are nimble and flexible enough to meet your short-term needs and facilitate your long-term goals.

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