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Benefits of a working capital loan for businesses

Max loan size
Up to $600,000

Qualifying criteria 

Working capital loans are available to businesses throughout the U.S. that meet certain requirements:

  • Located in the United States
  • 6+ months in business
  • At least $15,000 in monthly revenue*

Term length
3-24 months

Required documentation

  • A signed business loan agreement
  • A business mortgage statement if you own your property. A business lease agreement if you rent your property
  • Government-issued photo-ID for all owners
  • Bank statements from business banking account—most recent three months**
  • For loans over $100,000, we require your most recent business tax return

Factor rates
as low as 1.11

Factor rates and fees

  • We aim to make both funding and payments intuitive, convenient, and easy to handle
  • We present working capital financing as a factor rate:
    Factor Rate = Payback Amount/Funding Amount
  • Origination Fee: A one-time 2.5% of the total loan amount set-up fee is deducted from your proceeds

Automatic repayments
daily*** or weekly****

Hassle-free repayment

  • Put your loan’s capital to use without worrying about when to send your payment
  • Eliminate the headache of financing and focus on growing your business with a direct lender like Credibly

Get started today with three easy steps

Step 1
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Start your capital finance loan application process today. Click “Get Started” and enter your business information to pre-qualify for a working capital loan. Approval in as little as 4 hours.


Step 2
Approval in as little as 4 hours

We assess your business’s health in as soon as one business day and reach out to you with the best available funding options.

Step 3
Receive same-day funding

If approved, you can get the full loan amount paid directly into your account the same day, plus access to your online account and automatic repayment.

What our customers say about our business loans for working capital

What customers say about our small business loans
Simple business financing

A 24-hour application process with funds deposited straight to your bank account. Credibly creates an intuitive business financing experience for business owners.

The right loan for your business

Custom capital solutions, so your business gets the right type and amount of funding to meet your unique business needs.

Best-in-class customer service

Credibly’s business experts are here to help you from the moment you submit a loan application until your final payment.

Effortless automatic payments

We work with you to find the ideal repayment terms. Automatic payments let you focus on your business.

Are working capital loans a good idea for your business?

Small business financing made easy with Credibly. We want to help you answer this question before starting your loan application process. We’ve put together a shortlist of pros and cons to get you started.

Pros of working capital loans
  • These short-term loans will get you back on your feet quickly, and you can pay them off faster than long-term loans.
  • With fast business loans, you don’t have months to wait—we can tell you whether or not you’re approved within 24 hours.
  • Requires little collateral. Reduce risk for your business’s future.
Cons of working capital loans
  • Higher costs. Short-term loans almost always come with higher rates no matter your credit score or credit history.
  • No partial repayment plans. The loan must be repaid in full.
  • Sometimes business collateral must be provided to secure the loan.

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How business owners can get the most out of working capital funding

Hiring and payroll

Do you need to hire staff or meet payroll? A working capital loan gives you the cash flow you need to pay employees, maintain operations, and scale your business.

A fresh marketing campaign

Working capital gives you what you need to reach new audiences with your products and services.

Cash flow management

Do you need to stabilize your cash flow? These business capital loans are perfect for ensuring you always have the liquidity to maintain operations.

Why is Credibly different?

Flexible financing with a data-driven approach

We know a credit score doesn’t always paint a full picture of your business. At Credibly, we use data science to better evaluate your business as a whole.

Secure and convenient checkout process that fits your schedule

Our state-of-the-art online checkout empowers eligible customers to complete their checkout process securely and on their own time.

Fast approvals with efficient processes

We understand your business needs don’t wait. Our process can get you approved for financing in as fast as 4 hours, so you can focus on running your business. 

applying for a working capital loan

FAQs about working capital loans

What is working capital financing?

A good definition of a working capital loan is that it is money that businesses use to support daily operations. It’s the difference between current operating assets and liabilities.

Maintaining healthy working capital allows you to take advantage of every opportunity and provides a safety net when needed.

What is a working capital loan used for?

Working capital loans help small business owners like you meet operational expenses, such as payroll, stocking inventory, and marketing.

These short-term loans can help stabilize cash flow and meet immediate business needs.

They are ideal for business owners who need flexible, short-term funding without the hassle of going to a traditional bank.

How is working capital calculated?

The formula for calculating working capital is current assets – current liabilities = working capital

Working capital is the difference between a firm’s current assets and current liabilities.

Current assets are the tangible and intangible items that your company owns.

Current liabilities include all of the debts and expenses firms expect to pay within one business cycle.

Why is working capital important?

Because working capital is the money you have available to meet your short-term needs, it is critical for sustaining operations.

It is also a measure of a business’s ability to pay off short-term business expenses or debts.

That’s why you need to work with a financial institution that will provide the financing you need, not mire you in red tape that takes weeks or months to navigate.

What is a working capital loan?

Working capital loans are loans that are geared to small businesses to help them gain the funding they need to thrive in their industry. Rather than a long-term investment, like that made through private equity investors, you are not required to provide a percentage of your profits to the loan agency. Rather, the loan agency will offer you a fixed interest rate that never fluctuates over time. The loans are provided on a short-term basis with working capital loan terms customized to your available budget. They can help you cover the continued operational costs of your business, without accruing long-term debts in the process.

Advantages and disadvantages of a working capital loan

With the loan, you can cover the daily operational costs of your business, including equipment costs, rental fees, and hiring and training staff. They provide a viable solution to small businesses because it enables you to get just enough money to meet your needs while providing flexible payment plans you can pay off over time. Also, they offer the advantage of being fast to receive, enabling you to get what you need right away. With a loan, you will be better prepared to handle unforeseen business expenses, as you can meet your monthly needs more easily, enabling you to have more money leftover in the event of an emergency. However, working capital loans can also be somewhat difficult to qualify for, entail higher interest rates, and require ample collateral. These are considerations to take into account prior to applying.

What you can do with a working capital loan

The purpose of a working capital loan is to have funds available to pay your business' financial obligations during a slump in revenue and still allow you to have a cushion of money for emergencies.

Working capital loans can cover:

  • Monthly debt payments
  • Payroll for your employees and staff
  • Utilities for the business
  • Mortgage or rent payments for the business
  • Buying inventory or materials required for you to meet customer demand
  • Repairs or replacement of required equipment or tools for your business

Finding a working capital loan that fits

As important as it is to get a solution quickly to meet your needs for business capital, it is vital for you to understand all the fine print before you pursue a specific loan program. According to, today's small businesses are seeking alternative funding solutions, online, for short-term capital needs. Sometimes you can find a loan through the Small Business Association (SBA). Other times, it's best to go through an alternative lending institution that offers a solution that fits your needs and limits your repayment risks, even if the loan rate is slightly higher. The idea is it is better to get a loan you need with terms that you can handle than to struggle with a loan product that does not fit your business.

How do you qualify for working capital loans?

Working capital loan eligibility requirements can vary between lenders. In today's economy, lenders need assurance that you are good for the money, so collateral of up to 90 percent of the loan amount is required.

Qualifications will depend on your income and projected business earnings, with loan amounts and repayment terms varying based on eligibility. While they have strict eligibility requirements, they are easier to qualify for than traditional business loans, making them a good alternative if you've been denied commercial loans. As a business owner, you need constant capital to cover the continued operational costs of your business, and without consistent loan options, you risk defaulting on your lease. Fortunately, there are a variety of funding methods available to get the money you need.

Working capital loans provide a lot of advantages to business owners by enabling you to get the money you need quickly and providing easy terms for repayment. For all your working capital needs, contact Credibly

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* $15K+ avg. deposits for a three-month average and the most recent month.

** Bank statements must be from the business banking account for the business receiving funds.

*** Rates are included in your daily payback quote to simplify repayments and account monitoring. Rates, pricing, requirements and other terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

**** Weekly payments for working capital loans have different minimum qualifying criteria than the daily payment option.