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Pre-qualify online in 10 minutes to unlock all your small business loan options.

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Nearly instant approval for business loans (as little as 4 hours) and talk to a loan expert about your options.

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After approval, funds are deposited directly into your account and ready for use as fast as the same day. Now that’s an immediate business loan.

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Up to $600,000 in as little as 24 hours…Now that’s quick and easy business loans

Merchant cash advance

No weeks of waiting and mountains of paperwork, just high approval rates and fast cash for businesses.

  • Just a few minutes to pre-qualify online.
  • Approval in as little as 4 hours.
  • Funds deposited directly into your bank account.

Use funds the way you want to

Get the funds you need for day-to-day operations without eating into your cash flow.

  • Pay wages, make repairs, and cover short-term cash flow shortfalls.
  • No fixed monthly installments—you pay what you can afford.
  • Remittances deducted automatically.

Don’t you know, you’re eligible 

Don’t let fluctuating revenues and low credit scores get in the way of the financing you need.

  • Low minimum credit score of 500+ required.
  • You must have been in business for 6 months or more.
  • $15,000+ average monthly bank deposits.*

Business line of credit*

A great short- and medium-term option that gives you access to funds when you need it.

  • Get approved once and get unlimited access to revolving credit.
  • Enjoy lower rates than with credit cards.
  • Keep your line of credit open as long as you need it.

Draw what you need, pay for what you use

Gain access to instant capital that lets you operate the way you want to.

  • Access some or all of the credit limit as you need it.
  • Pay interest only on the amount you draw.
  • No mandatory monthly payments here.

There’s no jumping through hoops here…

Flexible financing that’s designed to be accessible to all types of businesses.

  • Minimum personal credit scores of 560+ eligible.
  • Unsecured lines of credit up to $250,000.
  • You probably already have the documentation you’ll need.

Equipment financing*

Make your new equipment pay for itself from day one with a nearly instant small business loan.

  • Get approved for a bigger loan than you would otherwise be eligible for.
  • Enjoy lower interest rates and friendlier repayment terms.
  • Cut the hassle of providing security (your new purchase becomes collateral).

We have a vested interest—you

Unlike the big banks that just glance at your revenue and credit score, we understand your business’s potential.

  • Get the right amount of funding (that doesn’t hurt your cash flow).
  • Make the most of your capital with help from loan experts.
  • Get assistance from real U.S.-based customer service agents.

Bet you didn’t even know these benefits

You can do so much more than just buy machinery, computers, vehicles, furniture, and equipment with instant small business loans.

  • No waiting years to save up for the equipment you need right now.
  • Acquire equipment through a business loan or business lease.
  • Discover savings under Section 179 tax deduction for business equipment.

Working capital loan

Flexible, custom-tailored loans that help you meet your operational and day-to-day needs.

  • Borrow the exact amount you need.
  • Enjoy longer repayment periods compared to other fast business loans.
  • Reduce monthly installments with factor rates as low as 1.09%.

Rolling out the red carpet

Such a fast and easy business loans application process you’ll say “That was so fast and easy!”

  • Straightforward application form (and talk to us if you need help).
  • Documentation that you probably already have with you.
  • Approvals in as little as 4 hours and funds in your account the same day.

We’ll take that off your plate

Getting a loan doesn’t have to mean yet another thing on your monthly to-do list.

  • Nearly instant approval for business loans and funds automatically deposited into your account.
  • Automatic monthly loan repayments.
  • Live U.S.-based agents a phone call away (They’re not automated and you don’t want them to be…)

How to apply for instant business financing and loans

Step 1
Pre-qualify online

Click “Get Started” to get the ball rolling on a quick business loan. It’ll take 10 minutes and all you need is some basic business information.

Step 2
Approval in as fast as 4 hours

We’ll review your application and reach out to you in as little as one day.

Step 3
Receive funds same-day

After approval, get funds deposited directly into your account the same day and start using them instantly.

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You need a business loan fast, but are you ready for it?

Measure twice, cut once we say. Know the pros and cons of fast small business loans and financing before you get it.

  • Flexible funding options make it easy to find the right financing for your business.
  • You can quickly get business loans online (and not be distracted by endless bank work).
  • Meet your short-term cash flow needs, such as purchasing stock or paying wages.
  • Improve your business’s credit score as you pay off your loan.
  • Funds may be wasted if you’ve not had enough time to plan and applied for small business loans too fast.
  • Unsecured financing and quick loans for businesses may have higher interest rates.
  • If you borrow too much you can choke your business’s cash flow.

Why Credibly’s Instant Business Loans?

We Work In Hours And Days…

not weeks and months like traditional banks do. We cut the paperwork and the bureaucracy to get you small business loans quickly.

Partners, Not Lenders

Lenders want you to owe – we want you to grow. It’s why 46,000+ businesses across the U.S. trust us to provide right-sized financing, competitive interest rates, and small business loans fast.

InCredibly immediate business funding

29% of small businesses fail because they run out of cash. Don’t let yours become another one.

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