Small Business Loans:

A small business loan is an amount of money borrowed by a business (including a sole proprietorship) for business purposes. Credibly business loans require a personal guaranty by the majority principal(s) and are repaid through regularly scheduled payments until the total repayment amount is satisfied.

Merchant Cash Advance:

A merchant cash advance is not a loan. It is a lump-sum advance payment to a business in
exchange for the purchase of an agreed-upon amount of future payment receivables. A portion of the purchased receivables is remitted each day as a percentage of the business’s daily sales.

Funding Calculator:

The terms reflected in our business funding calculator are hypothetical and for informational purposes only, and do not constitute a prequalification offer or commitment. The business funding calculator generates a rough estimate of terms for which a business may be eligible but does not represent a specific funding. All funding requests are subject to underwriting guidelines and approval. The actual terms of funding are based on the results of underwriting. Fees may also apply. The figures and formulas used within this calculator may change at any time without notice.

Prequalification Disclaimer:

A pre-qualification request can help you find out whether your business may be qualified for funding based on a few basic pieces of information. It is not an application or approval, nor a guarantee of funding.

Consent to be Contacted:

You expressly consent to be contacted by our company, or anyone calling on our behalf, for any and all purposes, at any telephone number you provide us, including any wireless number. Calls will be made using automated dialing technology and may feature a pre-recorded voice.