How a Responsive Supply Chain Makes Retailers Faster and More Personal


Minyang Jiang

Dianne Inniss of Thoughtworks explains how retailers can create new opportunities by serving more needs within their customers lives.

Q&A: Doug Stephens on How to Give Retail Customers Something Unique, Memorable, And Valuable


Minyang Jiang

Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens discusses digital experiences, how to be less boring, and the two types of retailers that can compete with Amazon.


Q&A: Harrison Abramowitz Explains Why Retail Spaces Are Shrinking


Minyang Jiang

NGKF’s New York Director explains why retailers are trending toward smaller spaces, and what businesses have to consider when leasing new retail space.


Q&A: Blink Fitness’s Todd Magazine on How to Stand Out in a Crowded Industry


Minyang Jiang

The following Q&A with Blink Fitness President Todd Magazine is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 1: Grow Your Business Through Franchising.

Planning For 2016 as a Small Business Owner? Here’s Where to Focus


Minyang Jiang

According to small business expert Sabrina Parsons of Palo Alto Software, annual planning is all about trends and tools.