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How to Build and Improve Your Business Website

Creating a business website is one of the most crucial ways to build a brand and market a product or service. A business website will help spread awareness for your business and give consumers a chance to learn more about what you do. Even if you don’t plan to sell your products or services from […]

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Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability With These Tech Innovations

Restaurant Technology Implementations

As consumer behavior continues to change, businesses must adapt to succeed. This is no different in the foodservice industry. Over the last few years, there have been a multitude of technological innovations focused on streamlining restaurant operations, but many of them are still underutilized. Here are four ways that technology can help you improve your […]

5 Must Have Tech Tools for Small Business Owners

Small Businesses account for 40% of total IT spending from businesses of all sizes and will spend $1 trillion alone on external IT in 2018. Are you spending your money wisely? Here are 5 must have, budget friendly tools to boost your company’s productivity.

How a Responsive Supply Chain Makes Retailers Faster and More Personal

Dianne Inniss of Thoughtworks explains how retailers can create new opportunities by serving more needs within their customers lives.

Q&A: Doug Stephens on How to Give Retail Customers Something Unique, Memorable, And Valuable

Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens discusses digital experiences, how to be less boring, and the two types of retailers that can compete with Amazon.

Three New Payment Options You Should Offer Your Retail Customers Immediately

If you don’t give buyers the opportunity to purchase your products in a way they prefer, they’ll be forced to take their business elsewhere.


3 Tips For Strategic Business Growth In The New Year

A new year offers opportunities for change and a time of reflection. Here's how to stay focused on business growth in the year ahead.

Bootstrapper Q&A: The Future Of Wall Street May Depend On This Entrepreneur And His Data-Driven Startup

We spoke to Kevin Evenhouse about NewsHedge technology, and why he believes it will become standard within many different types of financial applications.


73% of U.S. Small Business Owners Optimistic About 2016 Success, According to Credibly Small Business Survey

optimistic for 2016

Considering that small businesses are the primary engine of the U.S. economy, optimism among small business owners can be an important indicator.

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How Technology Is Making Restaurant Franchises Faster, Smarter, And More Efficient

Technology is having as much of an impact on quick-service restaurant franchises as drive-thrus did when they were introduced in the ’60s and ’70s.