When Are Quarterly Taxes Due and How to Pay Your Small Business Taxes


Stephanie Mladenoski

Updated May 26, 2020 Small business taxes represent the money you pay to the government while running your business. All businesses must pay taxes on an annual basis, but many businesses must also pay quarterly taxes. For example, businesses with employees must file taxes on a quarterly basis with IRS Form 941 and self-employed individuals […]


Tax Season Tips: How to Get a Home Office Deduction


Ben Goldstein

Got a business? If so, then you probably qualify for a home office deduction. All you need is a space that is regularly & exclusively used for your office.


How to Write Off 100% of Your Latte Every Single Time


Ben Goldstein

If you have a business and you eat, you’re probably eligible for tax deductions. Here are four ways your meals — and your coffee — might be tax deductible.


Section 179 Deduction: Little-Known Congressional Ruling Could Affect Small Business Owners Everywhere


Ben Goldstein

With the Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates within the next few months, the fate of the 2015 Section 179 deduction remains up in the air.

A Brief Overview of Filing Self Employment Taxes


Hana Dickman

As a small business owner, you probably have many questions and concerns about your tax obligations. You may have even heard you don’t really need to file an annual tax return as a self-employed individual. However, the answer to this question and many more rests within an understanding of filing business taxes for the self-employed.