5 Financing Tips for Staffing Companies


Stephanie Mladenoski

Updated January 6, 2020 Running any successful business is an arduous task, especially when it comes to staffing companies. This holds especially true as the business grows, and new and unforeseen challenges crop up regularly. So, while it’s tempting to celebrate your wins and big contracts, you also need to be prepared with the capital […]

Rainy Day Fund Small Business

How To Create A Rainy Day Fund For Your Small Business


Jeffrey Bumbales

It’s easy to forget how an unexpected event can threaten the financial stability of a small business. However, unavoidable life situations, along with their unpredictable expenses, don’t have to be catastrophic. Having a rainy day fund in the form of cash supplies, a line of credit, and access to other types of small business financing […]


The Agony and the Ecstasy of Passing Down a Family Business



The Agony and the Ecstasy of Passing Down a Family Business After decades of fruitful ownership, passing down the family business is on your mind. You may be ready to spend your days traveling the world, or maybe you’re just tired of dealing with the day-to-day decisions required of managing a business. No matter if you are […]

Supply Chain Secrets for Non-Supply Chain Managers



Supply Chain Secrets for Non-Supply Chain Managers – In many small businesses, the employee managing supply chain also manages other functions. In some cases that employee is also the owner, because the owner has created relationships with suppliers, established specs for product quality and intrinsically understands the connection between supplier performance and the ability to deliver […]

can student loan debt affect business financing

Can Student Loan Debt Affect Your Small Business Financing?



Unpredictable revenue coupled with a monthly student loan burden does not make for an attractive borrower profile. Here’s how to put your best foot forward.


Small Business Slow Season Survival Tips


Jeffrey Bumbales

Not all small businesses can remain busy year-round. We put together these slow season survival tips to help you maintain and grow your business.

small business equity financing

Uses Of Equity Financing for Small Business


Jeffrey Bumbales

Equity financing is a unique way of raising money and capital for your small business that many small business owners remain unaware of, or at least unfamiliar with how it works.


What Can Small Business Loans Be Used For?


Jeffrey Bumbales

You might be surprised at how often this question comes up among small business owners, but the fact is that small business loans not only come in a few different varieties such as working capital, they can also fulfill a number of different operational needs.


4 Questions To Ask Before Expanding Your Small Business


Jeffrey Bumbales

If there are two things you can always count on to grow faster than you planned, it’s children…and your own small business.