Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Building Your Small Business Sales Team

how to build a small business sales team

Hiring the right sales reps and supporting their success is easier said than done. Here are six pitfalls to avoid when building a small business sales team.


How to Turn the Tide in Your Restaurant

If you want to grow sales in your restaurant, you have to make sure your menu, operations, and costs are all structured for success. Here’s how to do that.


7 Online Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use

As a small business owner, many tasks fall on your shoulders. If you can’t delegate them to employees, use these handy online tools to save time and stress.


Hack Your Numbers: 3 Key Business Metrics to Look at Every Day

You’ll have a lot more insight into your monthly financials if you identify three critical business metrics, and monitor them on a daily basis.


Don’t Get Too Comfortable: 4 Ways to Fight Complacency in Your Business

As a small business owner, anything can happen, and probably will. To that end, I offer a few suggestions to help fight complacency.


How a Relationship-Based Sales Approach Can Elevate the Customer Experience

elevate customer experience

Being a successful salesperson depends on talking less and listening more. It means treating customers like human beings, and finding ways to develop trust.


3 Mistakes That Cut Into Your Restaurant Profits

Sales are important, but profits are better. Here are some common pitfalls that can hurt your restaurant profits, and how to fix them.