7 Steps-to-Success for Clothing Industry Start-ups


Minyang Jiang

7 Steps-to-Success for Clothing Industry Start-ups – No industry is easy to break into, but that is especially true about apparel. While other industries enjoy a 50 percent or higher business success rate after four years, retail and apparel do not. Indeed, a full 53 percent of clothing lines will fold by the fourth year’s end. […]

5 Small Business Leadership Trends That ​Will Surprise You


Minyang Jiang

Modern technology and innovation has created an unprecedented number of opportunities for small businesses to compete for market share with larger rivals.


How to Start or Grow Your Retail Business


Minyang Jiang

Retail expert Nicole Reyhle provides 37 questions to ask about where your retail business could use some TLC, and whether you can afford it.

How to Conduct a Financial Stress Test on Your Retail Apparel Business


Minyang Jiang

Without a financial stress test, you may not know all of the risk factors that could keep your clothing shop from running at its best.