Chain Store Closing Can Be Blow, Blessing for Small Business

Chain Store Closing Can Be Blow, Blessing for Small Business When big retail chains close stores, it can be a blow or a blessing for small businesses near the shuttered merchants. Many shoppers gravitate to a smaller store when one of the big players shuts down, says Aric Shlifka, the owner of Kiddles Sports in Lake Forest, […]

To Lease or Own Business Space: 7 Things Small Businesses Need to Consider

Not every business needs a brick-and-mortar office. Yet, if your company wants to expand, there are good reasons to either lease or own business space.

How Much Restaurant Space Do You Really Need?

restaurant space

Too much space can give your restaurant an "empty" feeling and hurt your chances of success. Do this simple math to see how much space is right for you.

How to Choose Locations for Your Franchise Business

Real estate is one of the most critical decisions that you can make when building a franchise business. Here’s how to choose locations the right way.


Cost to Move: Is Relocating Your Business Really Worth It?

cost to move relocating your business

If you’re thinking of relocating your business, there needs to be a very good reason for it. And whatever you believe your cost to move will be, double it.


How is a Commercial Real Estate Deal Different From a Residential Purchase?

While residential buyers are advised to be realistic with their “must haves,” you should never sacrifice utility when it comes to commercial real estate.


The Small Business Guide to Financing Commercial Real Estate

financing commercial real estate

Financing Commercial real estate can be a very wise investment in many cases. But why — and how — should your small business buy a building instead of renting one?


Real Estate Financing