How to Build and Improve Your Business Website


Stephanie Mladenoski

Creating a business website is one of the most crucial ways to build a brand and market a product or service. A business website will help spread awareness for your business and give consumers a chance to learn more about what you do. Even if you don’t plan to sell your products or services from […]

Invoicing Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Killer Invoicing Strategy


Stephanie Mladenoski

It’s a basic rule of business: You need to send out invoices in order to get paid. But invoicing isn’t exactly a fun and glamorous task, no matter how important it is. Many business owners procrastinate or only send invoices every once in a while, and it can really hurt your bottom line. Establishing an […]

Time Management And Organization Tips

4 Tips For Better Organizing Your Work Day And Managing Your Time


Jeffrey Bumbales

Have you ever met one of those people who knows how to make time for almost any activity? They complete their tasks during their working hours, and yet always have a few minutes to hang out at the water cooler. It seems that their private lives are also well-organized. They travel regularly, go out every […]

Bootstrapper Q&A: How To Manage Inventory Levels Over The Holidays



Bootstrapper Q&A: How To Manage Inventory Levels Over The Holidays   If you run a small business, the holiday shopping season represents a mixed blessing of sorts. It’s likely one of your busiest and most profitable selling times of the year. It’s also potentially problematic when it comes to managing inventory levels. If you order too much […]

3 Ways Disorganization Could Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Bottom Line



3 Ways Disorganization Could Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Bottom Line In 15 minutes, you could finalize a contract, sign a deal, mastermind a plan, or make a new connection that could drastically change the trajectory of your business and send you off in the way of success. Or, in those same 15 minutes in […]

How to Fake an Office



How to Fake an Office From Not every small business needs a business location. Some exist solely in the home office of the business owner. Solopreneurs tend to have more flexibility than some other types of entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits to this style of business is that you can be officeless. I’ve been […]

Small Business: Lean thinking



Small Business: Lean thinking – The management philosophy “lean” is centered on making obvious what adds value by reducing everything else. This week we look at Kiwi companies’ lean strategies and how it works for them. Mention the term ‘lean’ and many will think it’s a topic that applies to big manufacturing companies. But it’s […]


10 Tips for Creating a Safe Construction Site


Ben Goldstein

If you want a safe construction site, you have to develop a safety mindset in the workers, and demonstrate it at every level. Here’s how to do it.

Bootstrapper Q&A: Getting Organized In The Workplace With Gluru Founder Tim Porter


Ben Goldstein

“Gluru makes you more productive by pulling together the documents you need to accomplish whatever task you are working on at that particular moment.”


Bootstrapper Q&A: FileThis CEO Brian Berson Discusses The Business Of Running Your Life


Ben Goldstein

File This believes running your life is like running a small business, and the service is designed to make running the business of running your life easier.