How to Open a Clothing Store

How to Open a Clothing Store – Opening a clothing store, or any store for that matter might be your goal or your dream and it is certainly an attainable one with the right execution. Knowing how to do it and how to approach the situation is important as you set out your retail marketing strategy. Knowing […]

8 Tips for Dominating Online Sales

8 Tips for Dominating Online Sales In the last decade, online shopping has grown from a convenience to a necessity. Before the internet, shopping involved a process of getting ready, driving through traffic and navigating through a crowded retail store that may or may not have the necessary item. The digital age has changed everything about shopping. Now, […]

Q&A: Doug Stephens on How to Give Retail Customers Something Unique, Memorable, And Valuable

Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens discusses digital experiences, how to be less boring, and the two types of retailers that can compete with Amazon.