How to Hone Your Story

How to Hone Your Storytelling Skills to Increase Loyalty and Sales


Minyang Jiang

Quality and price aren’t the only things customers consider when they choose who to do business with. They also care about what your business represents. Your business’s story defines who you are, where your business came from, and why you do what you do. By crafting a winning story and incorporating it into the conversations […]

5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs


Minyang Jiang

5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs – You want customers to love your brand. Well, loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with building a quality relationship with your consumers. To reach “cult loyalty” status, like Apple’s fanatics, customers must identify with your brand on a deeper level. And one way to achieve that is […]

How to Use Customer Loyalty to Crowdfund Your Business Growth


Minyang Jiang

A loyal customer base can be a growing business best asset. Here is one creative way to leverage loyalty into growth capital.