Business loans for lawyers and attorneys

Business Loans for Lawyers, Law Firms and Attorneys


Minyang Jiang

Updated July 21, 2020 An attorney is a viable career choice that is both rewarding and highly lucrative. The median annual income of an attorney is $131,990, well above the national average. In order to succeed as a lawyer, public appearance and credibility are critical. To maintain a sense of professionalism, you’ll require an attractive […]


Buy-Sell Agreements: Why Your Business Needs a Prenup


Minyang Jiang

Real estate is one of the most critical strategic decisions that you can make when you are building your business. Whether you’re a franchisee, or you’re a franchisor and you’re trying to make your brand ubiquitous, you cannot be cheap with the real estate. You have to spend the money to get the best locations,


The 4 Most Important Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online in 2016


Minyang Jiang

Investing in a top-notch website and smart online strategy is the best way to market your law firm these days. Here are four key areas to invest in.

Buy-Sell Agreements: Why Your Business Needs a Prenup


Minyang Jiang

Just like a marriage prenup dictates how you will split up marriage assets, a business prenup does the same. Here’s how a buy-sell agreement works.