Investing in a Franchise? Do These 4 Things First.


Minyang Jiang

How can you know if a franchise brand is a good fit for you and your money? Joe Tagliente explains what to look for, and how to compare similar franchises.

How to Choose Locations for Your Franchise Business


Minyang Jiang

Real estate is one of the most critical decisions that you can make when building a franchise business. Here’s how to choose locations the right way.

How Technology Is Making Restaurant Franchises Faster, Smarter, And More Efficient


Minyang Jiang

Technology is having as much of an impact on quick-service restaurant franchises as drive-thrus did when they were introduced in the ’60s and ’70s.

How to Recruit, Hire, Motivate, Retain, and Reward Your Talent


Minyang Jiang

Building a strong business means hiring talented and committed employees, and keeping them motivated. Here’s how to recruit and retain the right people.


What Really Makes a Franchise Successful?


Minyang Jiang

A franchise is a proven concept, but buying one isn’t a guarantee of success. Here are a few factors that separate successful franchises from failures.


How to Know If Your Business Is Franchisable


Minyang Jiang

Every business can be franchised, but not every business *should* be. Here's what needs to be in place for a business to be successfully franchisable.