37 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Retail Business

retail business

Retail expert Nicole Reyhle provides 37 questions to ask about where your retail business could use some TLC, and whether you can afford it.

How Indie Retailers Get Over the One Year Hurdle

Independent retailers, a.k.a. "indie retailers," face issues not seen by other companies. Here are some tips to help you get through the first year.

5 Ways to Fund Your Indie Retail Business

Even if you have a solid customer base, additional funding can help you expand your product line, work on branding and marketing, and grow your business.


What Indie Retailers Need to Know About Small Business Loans

Small business loans can take your business to the next level, but you have some important considerations to keep in mind before pursuing one.

How to Delegate Duties at Your Indie Retail Business

Learning how to effectively delegate work to your indie retail employees can help grow the business without forcing you to work endless hours.

The Importance of Hiring Smart as an Indie Retailer

Every business should engage in smart hiring practices to ensure they get the best employees, but as an "indie retailer," this is especially important.