Best Talent Management Software Tools

Software tools have become critical to a company’s success across departments – and HR is no exception. The right talent management solution can take your workforce to a new level of productivity, professional development, and leadership. The trick is exactly that – choosing the right software tool for your HR setting. Here are a few […]

Move Over Millennials: What You Need to Know About Generation C This post was originally published on Inc.   I’ll admit it. I’m guilty of using the M-word.   I’ve thought and written a lot about millennials. As the head of a social media management company, I know that they make up a big chunk of […]


Small business compliance might not be the most exciting topic, but it’s a critical function of success, and neglecting it could lead to major problems.


Only 12% of private employers provide paid family leave. Most businesses, especially small ones, cannot and do not offer this expensive benefit.

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Most small businesses cite employee benefits as their biggest expense after payroll – here’s how one “small group” is doing it, without breaking the bank.