Employee Handbook: 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs One


Minyang Jiang

In the corporate world, employee handbooks are pretty ubiquitous. Nearly everyone who starts a position at a large company is given a booklet, packet, or online manual to peruse on their first day at the office. However, when it comes to small businesses, employee handbooks may be completely absent — job parameters and company policies […]


Why You Should Fire Yourself From Your Small Business


Minyang Jiang

If your business cards say “owner,” but you’re doing the work of a bookkeeper, sales manager, and busboy, it’s time to step away and find a better solution.


For Inexperienced Workers, Job Training Should Start Before Hiring


Minyang Jiang

Don’t write off inexperienced workers. Here’s how to coach your applicants as they come in, to make sure they end up in positions they’re well-suited for.


Employees vs. Contract Workers: Which Should You Hire?


Minyang Jiang

Due to the changing definition of "employee," the cost-saving benefits of using contract workers may no longer apply for small businesses.

How to Recruit, Hire, Motivate, Retain, and Reward Your Talent


Minyang Jiang

Building a strong business means hiring talented and committed employees, and keeping them motivated. Here’s how to recruit and retain the right people.