The Best Small Business Grants for Women


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Historically, women-owned businesses have had a more difficult time obtaining credit. In fact, it’s estimated that in general female business owners are 15%-20% less likely to be approved for financing, and the businesses that are approved receive about 80% less capital than men do. And while online loan companies have their own scoring models which […]


Investing in a Franchise? Do These Things First.


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How can you know if a franchise brand is a good fit for you and your money? Joe Tagliente explains what to look for, and how to compare similar franchises.


Franchise Agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents: What You Need to Know


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This Q&A with Barry M. Heller of DLA Piper is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 1: Grow Your Business Through Franchising. Download it free.


Q&A: Blink Fitness’s Todd Magazine on How to Stand Out in a Crowded Industry


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The following Q&A with Blink Fitness President Todd Magazine is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 1: Grow Your Business Through Franchising.

How to Choose Locations for Your Franchise Business


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Real estate is one of the most critical decisions that you can make when building a franchise business. Here’s how to choose locations the right way.

6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business


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Franchising your business can seem like a massive undertaking. These franchise resources will make your life a lot easier.


How to Know If Your Business Is Franchisable


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Every business can be franchised, but not every business *should* be. Here's what needs to be in place for a business to be successfully franchisable.


The FroYo Mogul: Solomon Choi of 16 Handles on Building a Dessert Franchise Phenomenon


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Coming to market with the right product, at the right time, in the right place is not an easy trick to pull off — but Solomon Choi made it look easy.


Franchise Financing & Loans


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