Semi-Truck Financing

Semi-Truck Financing: How to Get Commercial Truck Financing


Jeffrey Bumbales

Every small business has different needs in regard to physical capital. New restaurants require ovens and fully equipped kitchens, fashion brands need fabric and sewing machines, etc.. One of the most common investments in physical capital made by small business owners, however, is to purchase small or large commercial trucks for transportation purposes.  While owning […]

The Costs (and Rewards) of Owning a Food Truck



The Costs (and Rewards) of Owning a Food Truck A lot of restaurants think about starting a food truck because they can take their existing business on the road. They see food truck ownership as a cheap and easy way to get more customers, get into new markets, and build profits. While it’s true that […]

20 Cash Handling Best Practices Your Business Should Follow



By Rob Starr Small businesses that deal in cash like food trucks and salons need to protect themselves against errors involving cash and theft. Here are 20 cash handling best practices your business should follow so everything runs smoothly. Cash Handling Best Practices   Eliminate Slush Funds Cashiers in small retail stores are often expected to make up for shortages from their […]


Small Business Slow Season Survival Tips


Jeffrey Bumbales

Not all small businesses can remain busy year-round. We put together these slow season survival tips to help you maintain and grow your business.

credibly financial news

Credibly Financial News Roundup for the Week of November 2, 2015


Ben Goldstein

Credibly sifts through hundreds of blogs and news alerts every day so you don’t have to. Here’s the financial news that caught our attention this week.

how to finance a food truck loans

How to Finance Your Food Truck Without a Bank Loan


Ben Goldstein

A look at some of the less-traveled options that food truck owners have used to fund their trucks outside of traditional loans — from crowdfunding to competitions.

Florida small business cities

The Best Florida Cities for Small Business


Ben Goldstein

All signs point to Florida being one of the country’s hottest states for small business growth. SBA loans have exploded in Broward and Palm Beach counties this year, and optimism among Florida business owners is on the rise. But which Florida city is the best for starting a small business?


The Costs (and Rewards) of Owning a Food Truck


Hana Dickman

Owning a food truck can help your restaurant get into markets you may not otherwise, but the myth that a food truck is cheap is one to be addressed.


Restaurants That Took it On the Road in a Food Truck


Hana Dickman

Food trucks now have to compete with a handful of sit-down style restaurant owners who’ve decided to try their hand at the mobile dining business.


How a Food Truck Can Transform Your Restaurant Business


Ben Goldstein

Expanding your restaurant business can be very expensive. Buying a food truck is a simpler, cheaper way to expand, and it brings many hidden advantages.