P&L: What is P&L and the Profit & Loss Statement


Minyang Jiang

Updated August 2020 When it comes to financials, it seems that there are two types of business owners: Those who know every number, where it came from, what it means, and what to do about it, and those who feel overwhelmed by the accountant jargon and sea of numbers and therefore choose to ignore it […]


Bootstrapper Q&A: The Future Of Wall Street May Depend On This Entrepreneur And His Data-Driven Startup


Minyang Jiang

We spoke to Kevin Evenhouse about NewsHedge technology, and why he believes it will become standard within many different types of financial applications.


3 Things Small Businesses Do Wrong When Hiring Accountants


Minyang Jiang

Hiring accountants with the right skills can make your accounting team efficient and effective, but it’s easy to make mistakes and hire the wrong personnel.