5 Simple Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Expanding


Minyang Jiang

As a small business owner, deciding to expand is an exciting prospect. A successful expansion of your business can improve profit margins, create a competitive advantage, and create more jobs in your community. As exciting as it is, expanding your small business also comes with its challenges. If you’re not preparing for these potential pitfalls, it could […]

44 Percent Of U.S. Small Businesses See Cost Cutting As Critical, Survey Says


Minyang Jiang

44 Percent Of U.S. Small Businesses See Cost Cutting As Critical, Survey Says   Faced with dwindling customer demand and increased competition, small businesses are focusing on cost reduction. That’s according to a newly released survey by Switzerland-based Zurich Insurance Group.   The report titled “Biggest Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in 2016” […]

How to Use Customer Loyalty to Crowdfund Your Business Growth


Minyang Jiang

A loyal customer base can be a growing business best asset. Here is one creative way to leverage loyalty into growth capital.

4 Signs You Are Ready to Expand Your Business


Minyang Jiang

It’s better to have one amazing store than two mediocre ones. Before you expand your business, make sure you have these four things in place.


How a Food Truck Can Transform Your Restaurant Business


Minyang Jiang

Expanding your restaurant business can be very expensive. Buying a food truck is a simpler, cheaper way to expand, and it brings many hidden advantages.