Now, Everything Matters For Marketplace & P2P Lending Platforms


Minyang Jiang

As competition increases among lending platforms, and the credit environment becomes less benign, it isn’t enough to just do one thing well anymore.

Five Questions: Ryan Rosett on Payment Technology in Online Lending


Minyang Jiang

Five questions with the Credibly Founder/Chief Revenue Officer about payment technology, and how it helps to create a frictionless experience for borrowers.

elevate customer experience

How a Relationship-Based Sales Approach Can Elevate the Customer Experience


Minyang Jiang

Being a successful salesperson depends on talking less and listening more. It means treating customers like human beings, and finding ways to develop trust.


What Does Credibly Look for When Funding a Small Business?


Minyang Jiang

Credibly may rely on Big Data and Big Brains to create funding offers for our small business customers, but our approval process isn’t all that complex. Ultimately, it comes down to cash flow and verification — simple concepts that can have a major impact on your business’s ability to get funded.

Thought Leader Series: 3 Ways New Businesses Can Save Money on Startup Costs


Minyang Jiang

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur who helps small businesses and startups expand their reach online while also hitting their target audiences. Learn more about Zac at his blog.

Branding Reflects What Companies Aspire to Represent


Minyang Jiang

Branding reflects what a company aspires to be, but its defined by how customers perceive you. That’s why user experience is so important to what we do.

flexibility of alternative lending

On Being ‘Nimble’: The Flexibility of Alternative Funding


Minyang Jiang

Staying nimble has been a key to Credibly’s success, and it’s one thing we have in common with the business owners who partner with us to access capital.

right sized small business lending

Credibly’s Right-Sized Approach to Small Business Lending


Minyang Jiang

Right-Sized Capital means providing the right amount of capital, at the right price and right length, at the right time for our customers.

finding working capital outside of banks

How Small Businesses Find Working Capital Outside of Banks


Minyang Jiang

As a small business owner, it’s up to you to determine your working capital needs. Do you run a business where cash flow varies seasonally? Do you need to meet payroll, acquire inventory, or upgrade your POS software to keep up with evolving regulations? Once you identify your need for more capital, the next step […]