Five Common Uses For Equipment Financing

equipment financing

Equipment financing is one of the more popular types of small business financing available today. True to its name, equipment financing serves as a method for business owners to pay for equipment they need when they might not have access to the required capital otherwise.

Section 179 Deduction: Little-Known Congressional Ruling Could Affect Small Business Owners Everywhere

With the Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates within the next few months, the fate of the 2015 Section 179 deduction remains up in the air.


Doing the Math in Alternative Funding: When and Where to Invest Capital

Learning to maximize alternative funding allows your business to operate at its full potential. Here's how to make the most of it.


Cost to Move: Is Relocating Your Business Really Worth It?

cost to move relocating your business

If you’re thinking of relocating your business, there needs to be a very good reason for it. And whatever you believe your cost to move will be, double it.


Boost Your Cash Flow With These 9 Money-Saving Tips

It only takes a few small changes to make a big difference in your financial picture. Here are some simple ways to ramp up your cash flow.


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