How Small Business Owners Should Approach Conflict



 By Asit Sharma “Is it a ‘people’ problem or a process problem?” This is the question my manager asked me on one of my first consulting gigs as a CPA, almost 15 years ago. I was spending several hours a week on-site at a small manufacturing client. During a debriefing session back at the office, […]

cash-only business

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Cash-Only Business



Does a cash-only business still make sense in the 21st century? Here are three surprising advantages of only accepting cash—and three major disadvantages.


3 Signs Your Employees Are Buddy Punching — And What You Can Do About It


Ben Goldstein

Buddy punching is a form of time theft where colleagues clock in for each other, and it costs US employers more than $373 million each year.