3 Reasons Why Predictive Scheduling Laws Are Good for Business


Minyang Jiang

Predictive scheduling laws are state and city ordinances that require employers to provide shift workers with advance notice of their schedules.

small business company culture

Small Business Company Culture: Why You Need It (and How to Build One)


Minyang Jiang

Spend any amount of time reading articles or listening to people talk about owning a business, and a phrase you’re bound to hear come up an awful lot is “corporate culture.” Google spends a fortune on theirs. Business experts — you know, the kind that wear t-shirts with blazers and give lengthy TED talks — will […]


Office Space Investments That Pay Off


Minyang Jiang

Office space investments contribute to a more productive workforce and happier atmosphere for your business: 6 ideas you and your employees will love.

How Your Employee Turnover Rate Affects Costs and Morale


Minyang Jiang

Regular employee turnover can be a good thing — but too much of it can cost a fortune in expenses and lost productivity, and hurt your company’s reputation.