Is A Short-Term Loan The Best Fit For Your Business?


Minyang Jiang

When unexpected life events happen, sometimes you’re prepared and sometimes you’re not. As a small business owner, not only are you handling the curveballs that life throws your way, but also the unexpected challenges of business ownership? What happens when you’re not financially prepared for these situations? If you’re a small business owner, cash flow […]

Small Business Financial Agility and Shock Resistance

How to Make Your Business Financially Agile and Immune to Shocks


Minyang Jiang

Everyone has experienced a financial shock, if not in business certainly in their personal lives. An unexpected car or home repair are common examples. In business, a financial shock can come from things close to home. These might include, a sudden need to repair or replace equipment, a vendor raising their prices, damaged inventory, or […]

how to get emergency loans for your business

Emergency Small Business Loan


Minyang Jiang

Get the Emergency Funds You Need For Your Business – Fast It can happen to the best of us in business. Maybe you under-estimated the budget for a certain project, lost a big client, or the courier service didn’t deliver your materials on time that were needed to produce products to stock your shelves. Perhaps you used