5 Simple Mistakes Small Business Owners Make When Expanding


Minyang Jiang

As a small business owner, deciding to expand is an exciting prospect. A successful expansion of your business can improve profit margins, create a competitive advantage, and create more jobs in your community. As exciting as it is, expanding your small business also comes with its challenges. If you’re not preparing for these potential pitfalls, it could […]


Why You Should Fire Yourself From Your Small Business


Minyang Jiang

If your business cards say “owner,” but you’re doing the work of a bookkeeper, sales manager, and busboy, it’s time to step away and find a better solution.

Secrets of the ‘Customer Loyalty Loop’: How to Create Experiences Your Customers Won’t Stop Talking About


Minyang Jiang

The Customer Loyalty Loop author Noah Fleming discusses why timing is everything in customer outreach, why handwritten notes are so powerful, and much more.

small business tax loopholes

5 Small Business Tax Loopholes You Should Take Advantage Of


Hana Dickman

These examples are just five of the ways that small business owners can take advantage of opportunities hidden in the tax code.

5 Small Business Leadership Trends That ​Will Surprise You


Hana Dickman

Modern technology and innovation has created an unprecedented number of opportunities for small businesses to compete for market share with larger rivals.


How to Apply For a Tax ID Number for Your New Business


Hana Dickman

When you start a new business or take over an existing one, you’ll need to obtain a Federal Tax ID Number, also known as an EIN. Here’s what to be aware of.

Educate Your Consumers About Alternative Lending Options


Hana Dickman

Marketplace lending is a new industry disruptor, so it isn’t surprising some negative stigmas still need to be dispelled with small business owners.


3 Franchising Tips from 16 Handles CEO Solomon Choi


Hana Dickman

Here’s what Solomon Choi told Credibly about how he built 16 Handles from a simple idea to one of the hottest franchises in the frozen dessert market.


What Retailers Need to Know About the EMV Recertification Process [Video]


Hana Dickman

Director of Retail IT for a global fashion brand describes the EMV certification process, and why it’s crucial for all retailers to be compliant by October.

October EMV Deadline Creates Headache for Millions of U.S. Retailers


Hana Dickman

With the October EMV compliance deadline looming, every holdout retailer in the U.S. is scrambling for appointments.