How to Get Your Small Business Back on Track Following a Data Breach


Stephanie Mladenoski

Disgruntled employees, malware, hackers, ransomware, and phishing — virtually any company could become the victim of a data breach, and according to some statistics, small businesses are falling victim with increasing frequency. Unfortunately, criminals are becoming more wily, and lost data can mean lost business — and sometimes even failure. How do you ward off […]


6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business



6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business Franchising your business can seem like a massive undertaking. Fortunately, there are plenty of franchise resources available to help new franchises get off the ground, from industry associations and trade shows to educational publications and consulting firms.


5 Reasons Why E-Waste Management Is a Must for Small Businesses — And What You Can Do About It


Ben Goldstein

With tons of gadgets being disposed of every day, electronic trash is becoming the biggest source of waste in the world. Here what you can do about it.


Six Things Your Business Has That Cybercriminals Want


Ben Goldstein

These specific areas of data are considered the jackpot for cybercriminals. If you know what the goal is, you’ll know how to protect it better.

6 Essential Resources for Franchising Your Business


Ben Goldstein

Franchising your business can seem like a massive undertaking. These franchise resources will make your life a lot easier.


3 Tips For Strategic Business Growth In The New Year


Ben Goldstein

A new year offers opportunities for change and a time of reflection. Here's how to stay focused on business growth in the year ahead.


Bootstrapper Q&A: The Future Of Wall Street May Depend On This Entrepreneur And His Data-Driven Startup


Ben Goldstein

We spoke to Kevin Evenhouse about NewsHedge technology, and why he believes it will become standard within many different types of financial applications.


Know Your Numbers: 5 Restaurant Metrics You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Ben Goldstein

There’s so much great data buried in your restaurant reports — but you have to know where to look. Here are the restaurant metrics worth keeping an eye on.


"Data Is Currency" And Other Lessons From TED@IBM


Ben Goldstein

In a world where we give away so much of our personal information in ordinary transactions, withholding information is a radical concept.

Cybersecurity Fails: 5 Times Businesses Put Their Customers at Risk


Ben Goldstein

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a small business owner is thinking you’re too small to be at risk for a cyber-attack.