Invoicing Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Killer Invoicing Strategy


Stephanie Mladenoski

It’s a basic rule of business: You need to send out invoices in order to get paid. But invoicing isn’t exactly a fun and glamorous task, no matter how important it is. Many business owners procrastinate or only send invoices every once in a while, and it can really hurt your bottom line. Establishing an […]

Using surveys to improve your business

How to Use Surveys to Drive Success in Your Small Business


Jeffrey Bumbales

Surveys are one of the most reliable ways to get real feedback from your customers. In the pre-internet era, running a survey was quite expensive and time-consuming, which meant not all companies could afford to use them. Today, in the middle of the digital era, we have diverse software and communication technologies that allow business […]

Brand Strategy Meeting

Brand Strategy 101: How to Nail Down Your Mission, Values, and Target Customer


Jeffrey Bumbales

What do your customers think when they hear your business’s name? What’s your business’s purpose, beyond making a buck? Your “brand” is so much more than the products and services you offer and the logo you’ve designed for your website or storefront. A company’s brand is the collection of positive and negative associations that it […]

Here’s How You Can Effectively Communicate with Clients



Here’s How You Can Effectively Communicate with Clients   If you’re a self-employed consultant, you know the importance of regular client communication. If you don’t keep up with weekly meetings, needs quickly fall by the wayside. Expectations aren’t met. What does that mean for you? Loss of business. Your success as a consultant depends on your ability […]

7 Ways to Use That Dead Time While Your Customers Are On Hold



7 Ways to Use That Dead Time While Your Customers Are On Hold   Congratulations: you’ve created a successful sales funnel and now you’re fielding calls left and right. But, your work is not done yet: after laying the groundwork to get those customers and prospects to call, don’t blow it all with a poorly […]

Turn Your Retail Salespeople Into Selling Machines in 5 Simple Steps



Turn Your Retail Salespeople Into Selling Machines in 5 Simple Steps By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & You know your retail salespeople are an important part of your store’s success, but did you know they can actually boost sales? Shoppers who interact with salespeople in-store are 43 percent more likely to make a purchase, according to a shopper survey by […]


5 Keys For Designing The Perfect Restaurant


Ben Goldstein

A restaurant, like a person, has a personality. Whether it’s regal and reserved or hip and edgy, restaurant design makes a statement about what to expect.


5 Customer Service Tips That Will Make Clients Love You


Ben Goldstein

Companies like Nordstrom, Disney, and Zappos are famous for their customer service. Here's how your small business can replicate their success.


9 Ways to Grow and Manage Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation


Ben Goldstein

What customers say about you online can make or break your restaurant. Use these tips to maximize your positive reviews and squash the negative ones.


3 Things They Won’t Tell You About Managing a Restaurant


Ben Goldstein

Whether its full-service or fast food, many of the challenges of running a restaurant are the same. Don’t let these three issues take you by surprise.