3 Habits of Highly-Effective Business Leaders


Minyang Jiang

For most people, leadership isn’t something you simply adopt one day. It’s something that requires concerted effort. The process of growth and learning demands humility, wisdom, and foresight.  That process starts with cultivating the right habits. Here are three habits that every good leader must learn early-on.  Know When to be Present and When to […]

Customer Retention Guide

How to Keep ‘Em Coming Back: A Guide to Effective Customer Retention


Minyang Jiang

For a lot of business owners, the reasoning is simple — get enough customers and we’ll be golden. However, acquiring new customers is just one piece of the puzzle, and there are many more areas that you need to focus on in order to stay successful. Customer retention is one of those areas! Sadly, businesses […]

Business Metrics To Pay Attention To

Five Metrics Any Small Business Should Pay Attention To


Minyang Jiang

Sales figures, inventory tracking, customer retention, ad performance — as a small business owner there are countless metrics and statistics you’re expected to track. While each measurement serves a unique business purpose, having too many metrics can be overwhelming. To avoid “paralysis by analysis,” you need to identify which metrics are the most important to […]

How to Hone Your Story

How to Hone Your Storytelling Skills to Increase Loyalty and Sales


Minyang Jiang

Quality and price aren’t the only things customers consider when they choose who to do business with. They also care about what your business represents. Your business’s story defines who you are, where your business came from, and why you do what you do. By crafting a winning story and incorporating it into the conversations […]

Using surveys to improve your business

How to Use Surveys to Drive Success in Your Small Business


Minyang Jiang

Surveys are one of the most reliable ways to get real feedback from your customers. In the pre-internet era, running a survey was quite expensive and time-consuming, which meant not all companies could afford to use them. Today, in the middle of the digital era, we have diverse software and communication technologies that allow business […]

How to ask customers for reviews (and actually get them)


Minyang Jiang

How to ask customers for reviews (and actually get them) – Outside of the food and hospitality industry, it can be a real struggle for businesses to get positive reviews. Consumers don’t typically review their landscaper, gym, car rental agency and many other business types that they interact with on

Here’s How You Can Effectively Communicate with Clients


Minyang Jiang

Here’s How You Can Effectively Communicate with Clients   If you’re a self-employed consultant, you know the importance of regular client communication. If you don’t keep up with weekly meetings, needs quickly fall by the wayside. Expectations aren’t met. What does that mean for you? Loss of business. Your success as a consultant depends on your ability […]

How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points


Minyang Jiang

How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points Author: Faith Ocampo   How to Identify Your Customers’ Pain Points   Every brand aims to make the customer journey as painless and enjoyable as possible. They know it’s the key to build trust with their target customers.   However, no matter how sophisticated the purchase journey is, pain […]

Secrets of the ‘Customer Loyalty Loop’: How to Create Experiences Your Customers Won’t Stop Talking About


Minyang Jiang

The Customer Loyalty Loop author Noah Fleming discusses why timing is everything in customer outreach, why handwritten notes are so powerful, and much more.

What Does ‘Customer Experience’ Mean to Credibly? [Video]


Minyang Jiang

Credibly is committed to providing the best customer experience in the small business lending space. Here are five ways we do that every day.