What Most Stores Get Wrong About Retail Sales Training


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The following column by Bob Phibbs (The Retail Doctor) is excerpted from Credibly Business Journal Vol. 4: Nailing Your In-Store Strategy. Download it here!


Retail Pop-Up Stores: How to Create the Element of Surprise for Your Shoppers


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For more of Therese’s advice on how to execute the perfect retail pop-up store, download Credibly Business Journal, Vol. 4: Nailing Your In-Store Strategy.


Retail Merchandising Tips: How to Capture Attention in Your Store


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For more valuable retail merchandising tips from Kizer Bender, download our free Credibly Business Journal, Vol. 4: Nailing Your In-Store Strategy.


The Shopper’s Brain: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Customer Behavior


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This Q&A with retail author and architect David Kepron was first published in Credibly Business Journal: Understanding the Needs of the New Consumer.


How a Responsive Supply Chain Makes Retailers Faster and More Personal


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Dianne Inniss of Thoughtworks explains how retailers can create new opportunities by serving more needs within their customers lives.

Q&A: Doug Stephens on How to Give Retail Customers Something Unique, Memorable, And Valuable


Ben Goldstein

Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens discusses digital experiences, how to be less boring, and the two types of retailers that can compete with Amazon.


Loss Prevention: 6 Ways to Combat Retail Theft in Your Store


Ben Goldstein

Retail theft can seriously injure your bottom line. Here are some simple loss prevention strategies that every store should use to protect themselves.

How to Franchise Your Business: 14 Experts Share Their Secrets


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How does a small business make the jump from local success to national presence? Credibly asked 14 leading franchising experts for their insights.