Small Business Marketing: 11 Ideas and Strategies to Market Your Small Business on a Budget


Minyang Jiang

Updated June 16, 2020 As a small business, efficient marketing is critical. Most small businesses do not have comparable budgets to large corporations, despite having to compete with them for the same customers. However, by taking advantage of free marketing solutions you can drive significant demand without fronting a large cost. Below, we highlight 11 […]

Business Metrics To Pay Attention To

Five Metrics Any Small Business Should Pay Attention To


Minyang Jiang

Sales figures, inventory tracking, customer retention, ad performance — as a small business owner there are countless metrics and statistics you’re expected to track. While each measurement serves a unique business purpose, having too many metrics can be overwhelming. To avoid “paralysis by analysis,” you need to identify which metrics are the most important to […]

How to Turn the Tide in Your Restaurant


Minyang Jiang

If you want to grow sales in your restaurant, you have to make sure your menu, operations, and costs are all structured for success. Here’s how to do that.


7 Key Metrics for Managing Cash Flow in Construction Businesses


Minyang Jiang

Knowing these metrics gives you the information you need to properly manage cash flow, protect yourself against shortfalls, and plan for the future.


3 Reasons to Franchise Your Business


Minyang Jiang

Franchise Marketing Systems COO Tom DuFore explains why to franchise your business, and the first steps required to make it happen.


The Top 3 Affordable Cities for Millennial Entrepreneurs


Minyang Jiang

Being savvy about where you live can help your business thrive. These affordable cities have low costs of living and many opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Don’t Get Too Comfortable: 4 Ways to Fight Complacency in Your Business


Minyang Jiang

As a small business owner, anything can happen, and probably will. To that end, I offer a few suggestions to help fight complacency.


Understanding Prime Cost — The Simplest Way to Give Yourself a Raise


Minyang Jiang

Prime cost is simply the addition of your two key controllable costs, labor and cost of goods. Ideally, you want to keep these costs around…

The P&L Statement Is Your Report Card: How To Get an ‘A’


Minyang Jiang

Profits and losses are fundamental to your business's success — so take control of them. Here's what to look for on your P&L statement.


How to Maximize Capital Investments in Your Restaurant


Minyang Jiang

When investing in your restaurant, it's usually the least likely items that will benefit you the most.