5 Powerful Construction Marketing Ideas That Cost Less Than $500


Minyang Jiang

Are you sitting in your office waiting for the phone to ring? Use these construction marketing ideas to build new customer relationships on the cheap.


Employees vs. Contract Workers: Which Should You Hire?


Minyang Jiang

Due to the changing definition of "employee," the cost-saving benefits of using contract workers may no longer apply for small businesses.


As the Housing Market Booms, Contractors Look for Ways to Cut Project Costs


Minyang Jiang

While trying to outbid your competitors and meet deadlines, construction costs can balloon out of control. Keeping these costs low is crucial to success.


Debunking the Myths Concerning Construction Safety Program Costs


Minyang Jiang

No construction business should neglect worker safety to save money. The financial benefits of having a construction safety program outweigh the costs.

5 Contractors Using a Triple Bottom Line Approach to Business


Minyang Jiang

Today, many contractors are taking the pledge to be more green and socially conscious by adopting a triple bottom line, or “3P” business model.