5 Financial Tips for Home-Based Businesses


Minyang Jiang

The financial needs of home businesses are completely different from those of brick-and-mortar companies. Follow these five tips to maximize your potential.


To Lease or Own Business Space: 7 Things Small Businesses Need to Consider


Minyang Jiang

Not every business needs a brick-and-mortar office. Yet, if your company wants to expand, there are good reasons to either lease or own business space.


Q&A: Harrison Abramowitz Explains Why Retail Spaces Are Shrinking


Minyang Jiang

NGKF’s New York Director explains why retailers are trending toward smaller spaces, and what businesses have to consider when leasing new retail space.


Cost to Move: Is Relocating Your Business Really Worth It?


Minyang Jiang

If you’re thinking of relocating your business, there needs to be a very good reason for it. And whatever you believe your cost to move will be, double it.


How is a Commercial Real Estate Deal Different From a Residential Purchase?


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While residential buyers are advised to be realistic with their “must haves,” you should never sacrifice utility when it comes to commercial real estate.

financing commercial real estate

The Small Business Guide to Financing Commercial Real Estate


Minyang Jiang

Financing Commercial real estate can be a very wise investment in many cases. But why — and how — should your small business buy a building instead of renting one?

Dental Practice Loans

Dental Practice Loans


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Deciding it is time to get business loans for dentistry business is the beginning step in a process. Click here to learn more about the process.


Real Estate Financing Guide | Credibly


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