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4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Payment Processor

Payment Acceptance Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re in the market for a new payment processor, you might be overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Perhaps you are unsure of what properties to look for, or how to best incorporate your choice into your business’s needs. It’s true that there are several providers out there with payment processors available, but […]


Five Metrics Any Small Business Should Pay Attention To

Business Metrics To Pay Attention To

Sales figures, inventory tracking, customer retention, ad performance — as a small business owner there are countless metrics and statistics you’re expected to track. While each measurement serves a unique business purpose, having too many metrics can be overwhelming. To avoid “paralysis by analysis,” you need to identify which metrics are the most important to […]


Rejected For A Loan? Do These 9 Things Right Now

Upset business owner recovering from a rejected loan application/

Having your loan application rejected is a wake-up call that your credit or business health isn’t as strong as you thought (or hoped) it was. It can be a very demoralizing experience—especially if you were counting on that financing to sustain your business operations. When a loan application is denied, it can usually be traced […]

Top 10 Affordable Business Ideas In 2016

Top 10 Affordable Business Ideas In 2016 – Many of us have business ideas that could actually take the world by storm, but the implementation process sometimes becomes delayed or never starts. The main reason why these business ideas never take off is lack of enough capital. However, with dedication and focus, everyone can actually […]

Make Working Capital Work For You

Business does not run without the necessary cash flows to support daily operations. Make working capital work for you with these tips.

6 Most Common Startup Mistakes for an Entrepreneur to Avoid

Failure is the sad reality for a large percentage of startups. Often, it can be avoided by learning from the mistakes of entrepreneurs who came before you.

3 Reasons to Franchise Your Business

Franchise Marketing Systems COO Tom DuFore explains why to franchise your business, and the first steps required to make it happen.

12 Surprising Reasons Why Startups Fail

Even with a great product offering and a ready customer base, startup businesses can fail for a multitude of reasons, both economic and personal.


Doing the Math in Alternative Funding: When and Where to Invest Capital

Learning to maximize alternative funding allows your business to operate at its full potential. Here's how to make the most of it.

What Is Working Capital, And How Much Does Your Business Need?

Working capital is the money your company needs to operate, covering basic expenses like employee payroll and inventory.