Business Growth Preparation

My Small Business Is Ready For Expand – What Do I Do Next?


Minyang Jiang

You’ve had some success with your small business. Now what? It’s time to think about growth. Your first moves toward expansion can seem intimidating, but this shouldn’t keep you from pursuing larger business goals. You have to establish clear plans to leverage proven technology, finance, and market acumen. An entrepreneur that establishes a foothold today […]


Five Pitfalls of Computerized Bookkeeping Systems and How to Avoid Them


Minyang Jiang

Computerized bookkeeping systems offer ease of accessibility, time-saving processes, and greater organization. Few services in the business world lack drawbacks, however, and computerized accounting systems contain several pitfalls.


The Rise of Mobile Payments


Minyang Jiang

Mobile payments are an increasing trend for businesses of all sizes. Find out what's going on in mobile payments and how it might impact your business.