IRS SS-4 Form

IRS Form SS-4: How to Complete and File the SS-4 Form


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In order for your business to hire employees, obtain a business loan, or file business income taxes (which allow you to write off business expenses), you must receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. To get an EIN for yourself, and to make your business eligible for loans and deductions, you must first […]

When Are Quarterly Taxes Due and How to Pay Your Small Business Taxes


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Table of Contents What Are Quarterly Taxes? When are Quarterly Taxes Due? How to Pay Quarterly Taxes 1. Estimate Your Taxable Income and Income Tax 2. Calculate Self-Employment Tax 3. Divide Your Total Tax into Quarterly Payments 4. Send Your Quarterly Payments to the IRS Who Qualifies for Quarterly Taxes? Tips to Reduce Your Tax […]

small business tax loopholes

5 Small Business Tax Loopholes You Should Take Advantage Of


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These examples are just five of the ways that small business owners can take advantage of opportunities hidden in the tax code.

When Are Small Business Taxes Due? It Depends on the Type of Business You Operate


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Knowing what small business taxes you have to pay and when to pay them is crucial, because any type of mistake can lead to serious penalties.