small business loans vs. line of credit

Small Business Loans vs. Line of Credit — What’s the Difference?


Minyang Jiang

Anyone who has owned a small business for an appreciable length of time has encountered the need for some extra cash at least once. And, of course, if you’ve decided to start looking into small business financing, you’ve probably encountered a ton of different terms, many of which you may have never seen before.

Delivering on Its Mission to Address the Entire SMB Credit Spectrum, Credibly Launches Business Expansion Loan


Minyang Jiang

Term Loan Aimed at Prime Borrowers Seeking Growth Capital NEW YORK — March 16, 2016 — On the heels of an industry leading $70 million credit facility led by SunTrust Bank, Credibly, a fintech and data-driven online lending platform, announces access to its first extended-term loan offering. Coined a Business Expansion Loan, the product features […]