Public Speaking Business Goals

How Becoming a Great Public Speaker Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals


Jeffrey Bumbales

When it comes to public speaking, your small business might seem like a safe zone. You feel very comfortable in the presence of your team, and whenever you have important news to share with your customers, you do it through email newsletters and other content marketing efforts. There’s no need to stand up in front […]

Brand Strategy Meeting

Brand Strategy 101: How to Nail Down Your Mission, Values, and Target Customer


Jeffrey Bumbales

What do your customers think when they hear your business’s name? What’s your business’s purpose, beyond making a buck? Your “brand” is so much more than the products and services you offer and the logo you’ve designed for your website or storefront. A company’s brand is the collection of positive and negative associations that it […]

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness



Brand awareness is important, but we just don’t know how crucial it is. In fact, it’s safe to say brand awareness is the foundation of everything. It’s the first step on the path to purchasing a product or service. It even comes before preference and consideration. Without brand awareness, you can pretty much forget about


Office Space Investments That Pay Off


Jeffrey Bumbales

Office space investments contribute to a more productive workforce and happier atmosphere for your business: 6 ideas you and your employees will love.


5 Keys For Designing The Perfect Restaurant


Ben Goldstein

A restaurant, like a person, has a personality. Whether it’s regal and reserved or hip and edgy, restaurant design makes a statement about what to expect.

Feeling Lost? 5 Ways to Rescue Your Restaurant


Ben Goldstein

When you opened your restaurant you had big dreams and a plan. Then, something changed and your plan went astray. It happens. Here's how to recover.