1099 vs. W-2

1099 Contract Worker vs. W2 Employee: What’s the Difference?


Minyang Jiang

Once your business begins to grow, you may be faced with the decision to hire part-time, full-time, or contract-based workers. Historically, businesses have been able to take advantage of many great and cost-saving benefits when using contract workers. However, the previous definition of contractual laborers no longer applies to some of your workers, and you […]

Payroll Setup Tips

7 Payroll Setup Tips for Small Businesses


Minyang Jiang

Crafting a strong payroll policy is a necessity for any business. After all, payroll and benefits are some of the largest expenses any business will incur. Due to the large amount of money going in and out of the payroll department, any error (whether intentionally or due to incompetence) could be a costly one. By […]

small business company culture

Small Business Company Culture: Why You Need It (and How to Build One)


Minyang Jiang

Spend any amount of time reading articles or listening to people talk about owning a business, and a phrase you’re bound to hear come up an awful lot is “corporate culture.” Google spends a fortune on theirs. Business experts — you know, the kind that wear t-shirts with blazers and give lengthy TED talks — will […]


Four Creative Ways To Compensate Your Workforce


Minyang Jiang

To maintain and attract a great workforce, business owners need to craft compensation packages that keep staffers happy and productive.


Paid Parental Leave: Should Small Businesses Try to Compete?


Minyang Jiang

Only 12% of private employers provide paid family leave. Most businesses, especially small ones, cannot and do not offer this expensive benefit.


Employees vs. Contract Workers: Which Should You Hire?


Minyang Jiang

Due to the changing definition of "employee," the cost-saving benefits of using contract workers may no longer apply for small businesses.

How "Small Group" Companies Provide Quality Health Benefits


Minyang Jiang

Most small businesses cite employee benefits as their biggest expense after payroll – here’s how one “small group” is doing it, without breaking the bank.

How to Recruit, Hire, Motivate, Retain, and Reward Your Talent


Minyang Jiang

Building a strong business means hiring talented and committed employees, and keeping them motivated. Here’s how to recruit and retain the right people.