7 Online Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use


Ben Goldstein

As a small business owner, many tasks fall on your shoulders. If you can’t delegate them to employees, use these handy online tools to save time and stress.


Ten Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Small Business Finances


Ben Goldstein

Reevaluating your business finances this time of year can keep your business on the right track. Here are 10 tips to get your business finances in shape.


How to Write Off 100% of Your Latte Every Single Time


Ben Goldstein

If you have a business and you eat, you’re probably eligible for tax deductions. Here are four ways your meals — and your coffee — might be tax deductible.

AccountantsWorld CEO: Here’s What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Accounting


Ben Goldstein

Dr. Chandra Bhansali, CEO of AccountantsWorld, has some tips for small businesses about how to improve their accounting practices.


Cloud-Based Accounting and the Modern Business


Hana Dickman

Small businesses use cloud-based accounting to optimize and automate a number of tasks, as well as improve information security and accessibility.

The P&L Statement Is Your Report Card: How To Get an ‘A’


Ben Goldstein

Profits and losses are fundamental to your business's success — so take control of them. Here's what to look for on your P&L statement.

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Credibly Financial News Roundup for the Week of November 9, 2015


Ben Goldstein

Credibly sifts through hundreds of blogs and news alerts every day so you don’t have to. Here’s the financial news that caught our attention this week.


Four Tips For Organizing And Managing Your Company’s Finances


Ben Goldstein

Organized finances will lead to better decisions, better communication, and better results for your business.


Five Pitfalls of Computerized Bookkeeping Systems and How to Avoid Them


Hana Dickman

Computerized bookkeeping systems offer ease of accessibility, time-saving processes, and greater organization. Few services in the business world lack drawbacks, however, and computerized accounting systems contain several pitfalls.


3 Things Small Businesses Do Wrong When Hiring Accountants


Hana Dickman

Hiring accountants with the right skills can make your accounting team efficient and effective, but it’s easy to make mistakes and hire the wrong personnel.