Boost Sales in Your Wholesale Business Through a 3P Business Plan


Minyang Jiang

A 3P business plan includes people, planet, and profits, and more and more for-profit companies are utilizing the triple bottom line.

Providing Professional Services That Are Good for People, Planet, and Profit (3P)


Minyang Jiang

While profit is a main goal of business, many professional services companies also embrace the "3P" goals of serving people and the planet.

5 Contractors Using a Triple Bottom Line Approach to Business


Minyang Jiang

Today, many contractors are taking the pledge to be more green and socially conscious by adopting a triple bottom line, or “3P” business model.


Darn Good Business: Scaling Growth and Helping Women Worldwide


Minyang Jiang

Nicole Snow is a millennial, military vet, and the CEO of Darn Good Yarn. In this interview she shares how her business grew from $16K to $1M in six years.

Restaurants that Hit the Triple Bottom Line


Minyang Jiang

It’s safe to assume that if you asked diners in a restaurant if they knew what a triple bottom line business is, only a handful would know the answer.