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Best Retail Business Loans – Up To $600,000 In Financing

Grow with retail business loans deposited in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Access the Retail Business Loan and Financing Your Shop Needs to Thrive

Funding in as little as 24 Hours

Pre-qualify in just minutes, get approved for financing in as little as 4 hours, and have funds in your account the next day.

Financing for Retail Business That Feels Just Right

From a business line of credit to a long-term loan–get the financing you need to bridge cash flow, purchase equipment, and grow your business.

No More Bad Credit Roadblocks

Your business is more than your credit rating, which is why our application process assesses the overall health of your business.

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Financing and Loans for Retail Business: Up to $600,000 in Funding

Working Capital Loans

Eliminate the Worries of Meeting Cash Flow Needs

Meet your day-to-day capital demands, from inventory management to payroll with these flexible loans.

  • Flexible business financing that lets you borrow exactly what you need.
  • Enjoy favorable terms and longer repayment periods.
  • Grow, don’t owe, with competitive factor rates.
  • A holistic approach that assesses more than just your credit score.

Easy Application Process

No more running around for paperwork, no more wondering “will they, won’t they”.

  • You likely already have the documentation you need.
  • User-friendly application process (and helpful support team).
  • Effortlessly compare financing and loan options for your small businesses.

Merchant Cash Advances

Fast Funding Meets Credibly

Move seamlessly past cash flow crunches with a financing option that lets you remit what you can afford.

  • Easy online application.
  • Receive a response to your application in as little as 4 hours.
  • Funds deposited right into your account.

Your Funds, You Decide How to Use Them

  • Make repairs, upgrade equipment, and meet cash flow shortfalls.
  • Pay what you can afford–remittances aligned to revenues.
  • Remittances are deducted automatically.

Long-Term Business Loans

Get the Capital You Need to Grow

Longer repayment periods, lower interest rates to reward your business’s financial stability.

  • Some of the friendliest financing terms for small business owners.
  • Convenient application process and approvals in just 4 hours.
  • Receive funds in as little as 24 hours.

Helping You Take the Next Step

Add equipment, hire staff, add to your business’s real estate with these loans.

  • Use funds the way you want to.
  • Much lower interest rates compared to credit cards.
  • Gain access to a U.S.-based customer support team.

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing for Retail Business

Gain a competitive advantage–get the equipment you need now, not months from now.

  • Enjoy lower interest rates and longer repayment periods.
  • Your new equipment becomes security for the financing.
  • Unlock Section 179 tax deductions.

Even More Reasons to Make You Smile

To traditional gas station loan lenders you may just be a P&L sheet, but we want your business to thrive.

  • Get more financing than you may otherwise be eligible for.
  • No need to save up for years to buy equipment.
  • Receive support from U.S.-based financing experts.

Retail Business Financing Helps

Over $2 Billion Funded 

We’ve financed 30,000 businesses and have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot.

We Help Retail Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you need a loan for a small retail shop to keep the lights on, want to finance expansions, or anything in between, we can help.

Best Retail Business Loans

How to Get Business Loans for Retail With Credibly

Step 1
Pre-Qualify Online

Click “Get Started”, fill out your form in a few minutes, and pre-qualify for a retail business loan.

Step 2
Approval in as Fast as 4 Hours

Get approved for your retail store business loan and financing in as little as 4 hours.

Step 3
Receive Same-Day Funding

Receive funds directly in your account in as little as 24 hours and start using funds the way you want to.

Grow With Commercial Retail Loans and Financing

What customers say about our small business loans
Fast and Simple Business Loan for Retail Stores

Get the funds you need while avoiding all the traditional roadblocks of financing.

The Financing Your Business Needs

Tailored financing that meets your specific needs, allowing you to grow, not owe.

White-Glove Customer Service

Enjoy the support of U.S.-based financing experts who understand your needs and priorities.

Trusted Small Business Partner

Receive clear answers and advice from a team that wants you to succeed.

Pros and Cons of Financing and Loans for Retail Business

Fast, flexible, friendly–but is financing right for you?

  • Get the financing you need, not funds that you don’t.
  • Find out your financing options in minutes.
  • Start rebuilding your credit as you start repayment.
  • Financing can affect cash flow if you’re not ready for it.
  • Missing repayments can hurt your credit score.

Even More Financing for Retail Business

Business Line of Credit

Draw as much as you want, when you want to.

Invoice Factoring

Get paid now for invoices due later.

All Financing Options

Check out all our financing options for retail businesses.

FAQs for Loans for Retail Shops

How can I use my financing?

Most of our financing options give you the freedom to use funds the way you want to for your business. Some, such as equipment financing, may specifically be applied towards acquiring equipment.

I have bad credit - will you reject me?

Unlike the big banks, we don’t judge the eligibility of a business solely on the basis of its credit score. We consider the overall health of your business to determine eligibility. It’s why Credibly has nearly twice the financing approval rate compared to the big banks.

How do I finance a retail store?

It takes just a few minutes to fill out our online form and pre-qualify for financing. You’ll find out which financing options you are eligible for, and speak to a financing expert who will guide you through the financing process.

InCredibly Easy Retail Business Loans

Get the funds you need now to support your growing business

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* Working Capital Loans and Merchant Cash Advances are quoted as a factor. Certain limitations and underwriting may apply.

** $15K+ avg. deposits for a three-month average and the most recent month.

*** For Merchant Cash Advances, a specified portion or percentage of the purchased receivables are remitted each business day.

**** Some products are made available through Credibly’s network of external funding partners.

***** Factor rates are included in your daily estimate to simplify remittances and account monitoring. Best factor rates available to merchants with excellent credit and financial strength.