How EverDry Waterproofing Expanded Business With ProApprove

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Meet: EverDry Waterproofing, Northwest Ohio

EverDry Waterproofing was founded in 1978. With 16 locations across the country, EverDry has helped homeowners waterproof their homes for almost 44 years. The EverDry of Northwest OH branch has been serving the Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan, and other nearby communities since 1896. In that time, EveryDry of Northwest OH has accumulated their fair share of awards as a result of their service.

While they specialize in waterproofing, the EverDry team focuses on preserving the foundational integrity of a house in general.

“We provide peace of mind to the homeowner. Their basements won’t be flooding, their houses will be more stable; EverDry addresses foundation issues starting from the ground up so the rest of the house is secure.”
– Melissa Bumpus, Finance Manager, EverDry of Northwest OH

A Financing Option For Every Customer

EverDry of Northwest OH added ProApprove as a financing option for homeowners who have less than perfect credit. As a result, EverDry is able to offer opportunities to everyone who is in need of their services.

An EverDry representative will go onsite to a home to look into potential water damage and provide insight on the structural security of the home’s foundation. Once the inspection is finished, EverDry provides the homeowner with a financing application so that they can learn about their financing options. EverDry then performs a soft credit pull on the homeowner to determine which lender best fits their profile. ProApprove provides financing to homeowners with less-than-perfect credit, making them the best choice for some homeowners.

Whether it’s waterproofing basements, adding wall stabilization to keep cracks from shifting the foundation of the house, installing air purifiers to circulate air in impacted rooms, EverDry gives homeowners peace of mind by providing services that keep homes moisture-free. These services are an investment into prolonging the life of the home.

With hundreds of projects completed by EverDry every year, a financing solution for homeowners with imperfect credit is very important. Every homeowner who isn’t in a position to pay cash for the project or get a traditional loan means a customer is turned away. ProApprove is the financing solution that allows EverDry to provide the same opportunity to nearly all customers, despite any financial setbacks that individuals may have.

EverDry of Northwest OH had a very positive experience working with the ProApprove team. ProApprove sets itself apart from other non-prime lenders by going the extra mile, being responsive, and doing as much heavy lifting as possible when it comes to getting required homeowner documentation. This gave EverDry the confidence to select ProApprove as their first choice for non-prime home improvement financing.

“The team is fantastic. They’re always willing to work with you; always willing to give you different ideas on how to [get that approval]…On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give ProApprove an 8 because of their tremendous ability to help with troubled credit scores.”
– Melissa Bumpus, Finance Manager, EverDry of Northwest OH

The ProApprove platform was also easy to use for data entry and if there was ever any inaccurate information, which could cause delays in homeowner verification, the ProApprove team would always call to address within a few hours.

Expanding Business with ProApprove

Before ProApprove, many projects would get declined by other lenders because the homeowners had poor credit. When EverDry of Northwest OH started work with ProApprove, 75% of these declined projects were able to get approved. This means EverDry can close more projects every month with this additional financing option.

With ProApprove, EverDry of Northwest OH can expand their business by servicing many more homeowners than they would have otherwise, and can provide an excellent experience while doing so. The attention to service, responsiveness, and ability to approve homeowners with distressed credit profiles makes ProApprove a great addition to EverDry of Northwest OH’s financing portfolio.

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