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How Appleby Systems Delivers Excellent Customer Service With ProApprove

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Meet: Appleby Systems

Founded in 1977, Appleby Systems is a home remodeling company that services homeowners in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and all of the Mid-Atlantic region. Their expertise ranges from handling bathroom and kitchen remodeling to renovating roofs and siding to updating windows and doors. What makes them stand out is not only their adherence to excellence in materials and craftsmanship, but also a focus on stellar customer service.

As a home financing solution for homeowners with imperfect credit, ProApprove was a good addition to Appleby Systems’ financing offers. Appleby Systems has used ProApprove for a year, providing financing offers to these homeowners.

When an Appleby representative meets with the homeowner onsite, they walk through the project to determine the scope of work, and then ask for a financing application to be filled out. If Appleby reviews the application and finds out that the homeowner has less than perfect credit, they then assess which financing partner is the best fit for that homeowner. In many cases, that is ProApprove.

The ProApprove Value-Add

A homeowner was looking to have their bathrooms renovated. The bathrooms were in need of a thorough reconstruction and they looked to Appleby Systems for much-needed help. However, they didn’t have enough cash on hand for the project and upon assessing their credit score, their financing options were limited as well. That’s where ProApprove came in.

ProApprove gave them the financing they needed to start the renovation and Appleby Systems got a project they otherwise would have lost. For example, ProApprove has allowed Appleby Systems to provide financing for homeowners with credit scores as low as 540.



Delivering Great Customer Experiences from the Beginning

Appleby Systems knows that a great customer experience starts right from the beginning. If a homeowner needs to start a renovation or remodeling project, but doesn’t have the financing options to do so, Appleby Systems can provide them with that alternative.

When working with the ProApprove team, Appleby Systems noted fast communication and the willingness to go above and beyond to help close the deal. For example, some materials may take longer to arrive and can stall the beginning of a project. In those instances, as long as Appleby Systems gives the ProApprove team a heads up, that financing application is granted an extension. Unlike working with a bank or other lenders, this means that Appleby Systems would not have to re-submit a financing application with ProApprove and potentially incur rate changes.

Providing a stellar customer experience is important to Appleby Systems. ProApprove helps ensure that homeowners have a good experience by giving them an additional financing choice and also gives Appleby Systems a chance to close a deal they otherwise would have lost. A win-win!

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